Mt Eden Normal Primary School is a high-performing Decile 10 School in Auckland, New Zealand, and has served the Mt Eden community for 140 years.


Our school is closely identified with the Mount Eden volcanic cone, also known as Maungawhau. The name derives from the maungawhau (cork) tree that was native to the mountain.


We are proud of our identity and heritage as an exemplary school in the primary education sector and pride ourselves in offering a learner-centred education, supported by outstanding staff and high-quality resources and facilities. The school is organised into six year-level teaching teams, each with a designated Team Leader. 

Normal School

Our school is a Normal School because of our close links to the University of Auckland Faculty of Education, and is used as a practice and demonstration school for teacher training.


The name 'Normal' is used in a number of countries for schools that model effective practice, and originated from "école normale”, first established in 16th Century France.


We value our partnership with the University and status as a school with a long history of modelling, training and investing in new teachers.