The MENPS Parent Teacher Association (PTA) hopes to build a strong sense of community at MENPS and support the school in providing excellent learning experiences for our children.

The MENPS PTA organises a range of fundraising events and community services. For example: the annual Food and Fun Fair, student discos, secondhand uniform sales and more. 


The funds we raise are a valuable addition to the government funding/operating grant the school receives. Most recently, the PTA have been supporting the Board of Trustees with their Canopy Project; which is now going ahead in 2022.

We are a fun and purposeful team who really enjoy contributing to the school community.  We always welcome new members, new skills and new ideas. If you would like to help, please come along to a meeting - or just email us:

PTA Meeting Dates for 2022:


  • Thursday 3rd February, 7pm

  • Tuesday 8th March, 7pm

  • Tuesday 5th April (AGM Meeting), 7pm



  • Tuesday 10th May, 7pm

  • Tuesday 7th June, 7pm

  • Tuesday 5th July, 7pm


  • Tuesday 2nd August, 7pm

  • Tuesday 30th August, 7pm

  • Tuesday 20th September, 7pm


  • Tuesday 25th October, 7pm

  • Tuesday 29th November, 7pm

PTA Meetings are held in the staffroom.


PTA Directory:

  • Aimee Chikunda (Chairperson)  

  • Pamela Clifford (Deputy Chairperson) 

  • Jane Cunningham (Secretary)

  • Diem Vo (Treasurer) 

  • Chantal Brunner (Class Coordinator Leader)

  • Scott Optican (PTA Advisor)