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Out of Zone Enrolments

Children who live in zone have an absolute right to attend the school. Enrolments for children who live in zone are accepted throughout the year. For further information and a full list of in zone streets, please click here.


Mt Eden Normal Primary School Out of Zone Enrolments 2024

The Mt Eden Normal Primary School Board of Trustees has determined that there are likely to be places available for Out of Zone Enrolment at the following year levels for 2024:


  • Y1: Up to 20 places (for children turning 5 between Dec, 2023 and Nov, 2024)

  • Y2: Up to 20 places

  • Y3: No places available

  • Y4: Up to 6 places

  • Y5: Up to 6 places

  • Y6: No places available


The final number of places will be determined prior to the ballot, and applicants informed of the outcome. The timeline for applications is as follows;


  • Applications Open: Friday, 8 September

  • Deadline for Applications: Wednesday, 11 October, 2023 (3pm)

  • Ballot: Friday, 13 October


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