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Meet The Board

Elected every three years, the School Board is a governance body that comprises of parent/community board members together with the Principal and one Staff Representative. 

The Board is entrusted to work on behalf of the children who attend the school. Its role emphasises strategic leadership rather than administrative detail and ensures that the school complies with legal and policy requirements. The primary focus of the School Board, Principal and staff is to ensure the very best educational outcomes for all children attending Mt Eden Normal Primary School.

Board meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday of every month at 6pm in the staffroom.

The meetings are open to the public and our parent community are welcome to attend.

For the latest Board Newsletters, please visit our news page. Board Policies can be viewed hereBoard Minutes can be viewed here.

Virginia Brown.JPG

virginia brown, Board member

I have two young children at MENPS, in Years 0 and 2. My background is in print media, editorial and marketing and communications, however, I am now a full-time parent. I volunteer for a reading support programme at a South Auckland college and feel privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to MENPS as a member of the Board of Trustees. 


As a relatively new MENPS parent, I have valued the school’s community feel and new connections with other families. The MENPS spirit is evident throughout its grounds and is rooted in the attributes of the Touchstones.


I wish our children to be confident in themselves, socially conscious and, of course, form a love of learning as they grow into young adults. These formative years are a crucial period in our children's development, and the primary school environment is integral in fostering these life skills, social interactions and learning dispositions.


MENPS’ clear strategic vision and strong values are the foundation of this important work and I am committed to supporting our teachers and leaders in bringing these to life.

Fleur de Vries.jpg

Fleur de Vries-Oskamp, board member

I am a parent representative serving on the Board since August 2022 and I have a son at MENPS in year 4 and a daughter in year 3.  

I have a passion for arts, craft and baking but am a chemical engineer by education and have worked in the manufacturing industry for the last 18 years. In 2021 I made a decision to rebalance my life and I moved from a demanding senior leadership role with large multinational, to running my own consultancy firm. An exciting change that allows me to be more flexible, spend more valuable time with my family and focus more on my strengths and my passion for the development of people and processes in organisations.

This ambition is nicely complemented by being on the school board to support the development of our children. It provides an opportunity to actively govern the strategy and direction of our school and to use all my (industry) experience to support the continuous development of the best school environment for the current and the next generation.

20180814_135135 (1).jpg

Alan Jackson, Principal & board member

I joined Mt Eden Normal Primary School as Principal in 2018, having taught in New Zealand and overseas, and worked in educational leadership for a number of years.


I have a passion for teaching and learning that inspires and engages young minds, and am committed to ensuring the school's strategic direction helps to achieve this.


I have 2 boys of Primary School age, and feel privileged to join the Mt Eden learning community.


In my role as a board member, I offer strategic education insight to the Board, in addition to serving as the Board's CEO in relation to all aspects of operational life at school.   

Mike Noomey.jpg

mike nooney, board member

I have one daughter who is in Year 4 at MENPS and we appreciate how active and inclusive the MENPS community is.


I've held a variety of technology leadership roles in a range of sectors including aviation, healthcare and financial services. I work for a global cloud company and help Kiwi software companies export globally. 


In my spare time I enjoy time with my family, kayaking, tech related advisory boards and teaching coding.


I look forward to serving on the MENPS board and to build on the already strong foundation.

Richard Pook Photo.jpg

richard pook, board member

I'm an accountant by profession, with broad experience in financial and commercial leadership roles in technology and media businesses both in Europe and New Zealand.  I was elected as a trustee in 2019, having been co-opted onto the board during 2018.  In my role on the finance subcommittee, I have helped ensure that the school is in a strong and stable financial position and able to invest with confidence for the future.

I have three daughters, two of whom are still at the school in Year 6 and Year 1.  Our family thoroughly enjoys being part of life at MENPS; we love the positive and supportive environment as well as the passion and commitment shown by its teachers and support staff.

I'm passionate about seeing MENPS succeed in inspiring a lifelong love of learning for all its children.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far as a board member and, working alongside my fellow board members, remain fully committed to good governance and making a positive contribution to the strategy and further direction of the school.

EDT Annette+Rowan Quesado-40.jpeg

ANNETTE QUESADO, presiding member

I am a parent representative currently serving my second term on the Board and have been Presiding Member since August 2022.


I currently have 3 children at the school (in years 2, 5 and 6).  As someone who was relatively new to Mt Eden when my eldest started school, I have been grateful for the sense of community and friendship the school offers.

I'm a lawyer by profession, and currently work in the financial services sector advising on large strategic projects including corporate partnerships, technology, procurement and marketing.  I am also heavily involved in governance and corporate board issues.

MENPS is a wonderful school, with inspired teachers and genuinely curious and engaged children.  I am proud to be part of a School Board that values collaboration and quality governance.  I am committed to building on the school's solid strategic foundations and core values to ensure it continues to offer the best educational outcomes for its students for years to come.


nigel sinclair, board member

I currently have one daughter in Year 3 at MENPS with another due to start in a few years and have lived in Mt Eden since 2010.

Since becoming a school parent in 2020, I have been consistently impressed with the sense of community encouraged at MENPS. I believe creating and maintaining a healthy curiosity for learning alongside a safe and happy environment for our children is fundamental to the school’s success. 

My professional experience has spanned finance, property development, investment and funds management in New Zealand and overseas. I currently work for a large investment and property development business with a particular focus on finance and strategy.

I am excited by the opportunity to contribute to the MENPS community as a Board Member.

xuemei BOT Photo.jpg

xuemei tang, board member

I have three children, two of them are at MENPS.


My family have been part of the MENPS community since 2015 when my eldest child started school. I feel incredibly lucky to be in this inclusive, supportive community and have been volunteering at the school for 7 years.


I’m an urban planner by profession and work in research. I previously worked in journalism and education. I have been co-opted onto the board in 2021 and I’m proud to be working alongside our dedicated board members.


I’m passionate about community development and sustainability. I’m committed to contributing to the school’s core values and ensuring we enhance MENPS’s learning environment for the children and the wider community.


anna thomas, board member

I have one daughter in Year 2 at MENPS, and my younger daughter will be starting Year 0 in 2023.


I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and have worked in public practice firms for 15 years working with many SMEs. I have recently started work as an in-house accountant at a NZ owned babywear producer and retailer.


I believe that the school’s vision of being wide eyed and enthusiastic about learning is something to aspire to, and hope to contribute to this as a board member.


I am looking forward to working with the board to help maintain good governance so that our children can continue to succeed.



I am Brad McMahon, often referred to as Mr Mac by many, and I was elected to the Board in 2019 as the staff representative.  I am currently the Team Leader of Year 5 at MENPS.

Born in Auckland, I have managed to achieve a Bachelor of Commerce before furthering my studies with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education.  I have always had a passion for education and have thoroughly enjoyed developing into the teacher I am today while at MENPS.  I aim to make sure every child that walks through my classroom door is excited, engaged and self-aware of their learning.

I thrive off challenges and look forward to continuing as the staff-elected representative on the Board.

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