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2023 sports calendar



  • MENPS Swimming Sports: 24th February (DIO Pool) 

  • Zone Swimming: 28th February (DIO Pool)

  • Zone Touch: 14th March (Carltons Juniors Rugby Football Club) Save Day: 16th March

  • Zone Cricket: 28th March (Cornwall Cricket Club) Save Day: 30th March


  • MENPS Year 4 Cross Country: 25th May (MENPS) Save Day: 30th May

  • MENPS Year 5-6 Cross Country: 1st June (Auckland Domain) Save Day: 6th June

  • Zone Cross Country: 13th June (Auckland Domain)  Save Day: 15th June

  • MENPS Year 1-3 Cross Country: 22nd June (MENPS) Save Day: 27th June


  • Zone Rugby/Girls Rippa: 8th August (May Road) Save Day: 10th August

  • Zone Netball: 17th August (Windmill Rd) Save Day: 22nd August 

TERM 4  

  • Zone Softball: 7th November (Keith Hay Park) Save Day: 9th November

  • MENPS Year 3 Athletics Day: 13th November (MENPS) Save Day: 17th November

  • MENPS Year 4 Athletics Day: 14th November (MENPS) Save Day: 20th November

  • MENPS Year 5-6 Athletics Day: 16th November (Margaret Griffin Park) Save Day: 21st November

  • Zone Athletics: 28th November (Margaret Griffin Park) Save Day: 30th November

  • MENPS Year 0-2 Athletics: 6th December (MENPS) Save Day: 8th December

For further information please contact

our Sports Co-ordinator, Karen Moore, at:

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