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International students

Mt Eden Normal Primary School values the contribution students from many different nations bring to our school community.  We welcome International Students.

The school is a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Ministry of Education. Copies of the Code are available on request or from the Ministry of Education website at This means that we do not accept students who are not living with either their parent or legal guardian.


International Tuition Fees

Any application for an international student to be admitted to Mt Eden Normal Primary School must be approved by the Principal before the enrolment process can begin. Contact the school office for details about making an application. If the application is approved, the school provides an enrolment pack to the family, along with an account for the fees. Advance payment of fees is then arranged through the school office with our Office Manager. Once fees have been paid, a letter of offer of a place is prepared by the school. This details the offer being made and the fees paid. The letter is used to support the application for a student visa.   

The international student fees are as follows:

  • Administration (non-refundable) $1,000.00 plus (incl GST)

  • Tuition Fees/per annum $11,250 (incl GST) 

  • Tuition Fees/for 2 terms $5,625 (incl GST) 

Most school trip expenses are covered by the fees, however, there is an additional charge for overnight excursions such as the Year 5 Camp at Carey Park and the Year 6 Camp at Tui Ridge (Rotorua).

Should you wish to establish your child's eligibility to enrol at Mt Eden Normal Primary School as an international student, please contact the International Student Coordinator at or phone (09) 631-1191. 



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