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We look forward to welcoming your child to our school!


Now you have completed the pre-enrolment form, and received confirmation we have received your application, please follow the steps below


Click on the following link to complete the school Enrolment Form


Download and complete the Statutory Declaration Form and the Hearing & Vision Consent Form (required) below. If your child has English as a second language, please also fill in the English 2nd Language form (only required if English is a 2nd language).

Important: The Statutory Declaration Form must be signed by a Justice of the Peace before your child's enrolment can be processed - please click here to locate a local JP

Once you have completed this, please use the calendar below to book a time to bring in documentation and finalise your child's enrolment. As this takes some time, please do not simply visit the school office - an appointment is required - thank you!


Once you have completed all steps above, please book a time to bring the following into the school office. Please note that enrolment cannot be completed without these. At the meeting, we will take copies of all require documents:

  • Hearing & Vision Consent Form (see above)

  • Statutory Declaration (see above)

  • English 2nd Language Form (if applicable - see above)

  • NZ born - Birth Certificate (PREFERRED)/Passport/Australian students - Passport

  • For students born outside of New Zealand - NZ passport/NZ citizenship certificate OR passport and residency permit/student permit together with parent's passport and work permit

  • If Property Owner - copy of recent Auckland City rates notice OR solicitors settlement letter/certificate of title

  • If Renting - copy of Tenancy Agreement

  • Proof of address (e.g. utility bill)

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