Help make your children’s journey to school active, social, safe and sustainable.  We encourage you to walk with your children to and from school because:

    Walking can help improve health and fitness, not to mention concentration, memory and learning
    Children develop a positive attitude towards walking
    Children have the opportunity to learn and practice road safety
    Walking helps reduce ‘chaos at the school gates’
    Walking is environmentally-friendly


THE 'Walking School Bus'

The Walking School Bus programme is a parent-run initiative that receives support from the school and Auckland Transport.

The Walking School Bus operates similarly to a real bus, in that it leaves from designated ‘Bus Stops’ at specific times and follows a planned route. Parents/caregivers of participating families take scheduled turns to accompany Walking School Bus children to school.

We have one established walking school bus route, through Walters Road, managed by a Route Coordinator.

 If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact:
        Justene McNeice 
        MENPS Walking School Bus Coordinator